Rent A Rack Questions

What are your shop hours?
We are closed Sunday & Monday.
Tuesday 11-4
Wednesday 11-4
Thursday 11-8
Friday 11-4
Saturday 11-4

Can I include shoes/accessories?

At this time, we are only accepting clothing items - no baby gear, accessories (kids or adults). You may include up to two pairs of kids or adult shoes in addition to your 25 pieces of clothing as we may be able to accommodate them either above or below your rack.

Can I bring more than 25/35 pieces for my rack to be replenished?

Due to space limitations at the shop, please bring ONLY 25/35 pieces at your initial drop off. We will not be storing any items.

When can I replenish my rack?

We will be reaching out every Saturday with an update of how many pieces you have sold, along with instructions on how/when to bring in replenishments.

When should I bring my items in?

We kindly ask that you drop off items no later than the 15th of the month prior to your rental period to allow for pricing/tagging/display. Ex. If your rental period begins Jan. 1st, items must be brought in by Dec 15th.

Can I mix adults and children onto one rack?

Adult racks and children's racks are priced differently as more children’s pieces can be accommodated on one rack than adult pieces. We’ve also designated a separate area of the shop for children’s items for ease of shopping. For this reason, racks cannot be combined.

Do you take a cut on top of the rental fee?

Yes, starting January 1, we will be taking a 20% cut of your sales at the end of the month. The reason for this is because the first month of rentals was so successful, but also WAY more work than we originally anticipated, due to the large volume of items sold, this meant a lot of re-stocks happened almost every day. The 20% will also cover the transaction fees, and supplies as well as our time.

When will I be paid out?

You will be paid out on the 3rd of the month following your rental period. Ex. your rental period is November - you will be paid out Dec. 3.

Can I mix menswear and womenswear? 

Yes! Menswear and womenswear can be combined on one rack as long as the 25 piece per rack limitation is not exceeded.

What if I want to add an additional month to my rental period? 

If racks are available for the month immediately following your rental period, you may add an additional month, however they are currently booked for two months in advance.